Saturday, May 18, 2013


The first big thunderstorm is rolling through in the middle of the night and early morning. I am getting somewhat used to being awakened with loud booms and flashes of light. I wish I could get some photos but it is dark and I don't have a camera with that capability. I love to grab a cup of coffee, sit in my recliner, open up the windows and watch the show. The sound of rain falling on the roof brings back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Washington state. My bedroom was upstairs so you could hear the rain on the roof. I will miss being able to go home. My parents passed away this winter. I believe the house will be sold sometime this year. It will be difficult not to be able to visit the house my dad built and I grew up in. I guess I am happy to have these memories even if it is difficult now. I never realized before how your parents are such an important part of keeping a family together. I will miss them both for a long time. My granddaughter reminds me lately of my mother.

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