Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have started taking care of two of my grandchildren. They both have strong independent personalities. I find it challenging most says. We are working on attitudes, words, being kind and learning to have patience. We have made small progress which keeps me going each week. Yesterday we found a park with a really nice play area down by the Mississippi River. It was a big hit for both kids and grandma got a bit of a break from having to entertain them. As the days progress and frustration sets in sometimes I think what have I done? Something precious happens. I dropped the kiddos off at their home because mommy had to work very late. I got ready to leave little Miss H came down the stairs to give Grammy a hug and the look from her sweet little face brought tears to my eyes. She is very stingy with her hugs. No one told her to do it she did it all on her own. I think she is started to like spending these days with grandma instead of daycare. It makes it all worth it to know you are doing something good for these little ones.

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