Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My sister in law had a house built near us. It was winter so the sidewalk and driveway were not poured. The weather finally warmed up and the cement was poured. The GRANDKIDS and I walked over to see how it was going. 
Miss H didn't realize the cement was wet and put her foot in it. Thankfully the workers were pouring the driveway and were able to fix it.
We put our tools up on the wall. I used an "old school" technique my dad taught me. This was after looking at many home improvement stores and not finding what I wanted. It has been very difficult doing yard work this year. Many memories of my dad keep coming to mind and I seem to be shedding many tears at odd moments. Such is the journey of grief I suppose.
Even when I am baking I am always thinking of my dad. Father's Day will be difficult this year but these cinnamon rolls were great. I tried a cream cheese icing for the first time. I think my dad would be proud. He liked getting those huge rolls from Costco. More memories.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Winter was hard on the lawn and plants this year. My mom died in November so I was unable to cover things properly. I love my native plants from Washington so I tried a few here. The Azaleas made it but not the rhododendron. I am replacing those with a red Dogwood Bush and a yellow Dogwood Bush. The sticks will be pretty after the foliage is gone. We are trying to get the grass to come back. You can see how bad it is in the pictures. We also had to add a play area where I was designing my Garden due to the GRANDKIDS being here 4 days a week. We built two garden boxes where they planted beans, peas and carrots. Lemon Thyme is in the pot. We planted strawberries, two more blueberry bushes and hope to be enjoying them soon! There will be a deck coving the sitting area as well as the patio and a fence to keep the little ones safe, hopefully before summer is over. We try to get our projects done before the heat and humidity hit us. We are to old to work very long in the heat. Maybe we will have to hire someone to do the deck and fence. We also have chocolate mint and spearmint in the pots on the patio. Kids live to smell it. We may use it in a chocolate mint soda;) I am trying lemon balm in pots hope to scare away some misquotes . A few tomatoes behind the sitting area where the deck will be. We don't think it will be possible to put it in until the end of summer so I took a chance for a few home grown tomatoes We want the fence first. Happy Memorial Day!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The kids were a bit antsy so we took a drive to see what we could find. We have been in Minnesota almost 13 years and are just now discovering new places. The first half of our time here was taking care of my husbands parent. The grandkids started arriving after that so it has been slow to discover new places. We stumbled upon this park. What a good find.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This Mother's Day was the most difficult one I have had. My mother passed away in November. It had been one year since I saw her. She had been very ill so I had a trip planned but she passed before I got there. This is one of the biggest regrets I have. It made Mothers Day a day of reflection for me. It has made my journey through the grieving process much more difficult. I know in time it will get better. I see her in my granddaughter and it brings tears to my eyes. Miss H. Is so much like my mother and I never realized until recently. It will be a great struggle but someday I will be able to celebrate Mothers Day again with fond memories as the deep hurt heals and Gods grace and mercy prevail. I love you mom!


Sometimes we may find a blessing in an unexpected place or situation. I was putting Miss H. Down for a nap. She is 2 1/2 years old and very independent . She is a little afraid of the dark. She loves to pray before going to sleep. We ask that she gets a good rest and tries to obey grandma or what ever is on her little mind that day. After we were done and I get ready to leave she says" dark grandma?" So we talked about the dark. How Jesus came to save us from the dark , to forgive our sins. Jesus's is the light in the dark. As I leave the room she says " Jesus in the dark? " I say " Jesus is the light in the dark" she then roll over and shuts her eyes. What a blessing for me to be able to share Jesus with her. Planting seeds in my young grandchildren hoping some day they will bloom.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


The first big thunderstorm is rolling through in the middle of the night and early morning. I am getting somewhat used to being awakened with loud booms and flashes of light. I wish I could get some photos but it is dark and I don't have a camera with that capability. I love to grab a cup of coffee, sit in my recliner, open up the windows and watch the show. The sound of rain falling on the roof brings back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Washington state. My bedroom was upstairs so you could hear the rain on the roof. I will miss being able to go home. My parents passed away this winter. I believe the house will be sold sometime this year. It will be difficult not to be able to visit the house my dad built and I grew up in. I guess I am happy to have these memories even if it is difficult now. I never realized before how your parents are such an important part of keeping a family together. I will miss them both for a long time. My granddaughter reminds me lately of my mother.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have started taking care of two of my grandchildren. They both have strong independent personalities. I find it challenging most says. We are working on attitudes, words, being kind and learning to have patience. We have made small progress which keeps me going each week. Yesterday we found a park with a really nice play area down by the Mississippi River. It was a big hit for both kids and grandma got a bit of a break from having to entertain them. As the days progress and frustration sets in sometimes I think what have I done? Something precious happens. I dropped the kiddos off at their home because mommy had to work very late. I got ready to leave little Miss H came down the stairs to give Grammy a hug and the look from her sweet little face brought tears to my eyes. She is very stingy with her hugs. No one told her to do it she did it all on her own. I think she is started to like spending these days with grandma instead of daycare. It makes it all worth it to know you are doing something good for these little ones.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Did you ever imagine a house without a telephone? I have begun watching two of my grandchildren four days a week. My daughter is going through some difficult times and it is the one thing I can do to help. Yesterday as they were playing on the I-Phones , games and movies, I realized they may never know what it is to have a land-line telephone. It might be a bit like growing up with black and white TV and my kids had only color TV. I love the convenience of technology but feel a little sad for future generations who will never know some of the great inventions of the past.