Monday, August 20, 2012


here is the lastest addition

I have moved this three times and here is where it will be

I bought these for the outdoors but they are so comfortable I put two here. I may just use these permenantly
I have been in our new home about 9 or 10 months but progress has been slow. I have stopped babysitting which has given me some more time to figure out what we will do. I am going to work on some plans this winter as the snow blows about 6 months here. This has been the best August in the 12 years that I have lived in this state. Humidity has been low and it feels a lot like Fall is in the air. We had our usual visitors which takes up some time in the summer months and our budget. They are 4 of my grandchildren so I like to spoil them if I can. I am  trying to decide what colors to paint in my bedroom or maybe just the wall behind the bed. I think Red would be to much so I am leaning toward a brown tone or maybe two colors top one color and bottom another color. I found the lamps at Big Lots and now they blend into the wall color so I need a darker color behind them. I have not found fabric for curtains yet and will want to recover the cushions in the chairs if they stay. I found a lamp for the dresser but was thinking maybe two would be nice. I think I would also like a mirror but was not liking the one they sold with the dresser. I could use artwork on all the walls and maybe a bookcase behind the left chair. The wall that you cant see has the door to the bath and closet and to leave the room there is a small space where I have a TV and would like a fireplace TV combination cabinet there.
Thanks for Visiting and come again!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hunters 4th Birthday was Sunday. It was at Mound Lake where his other grandma has a cabin. I think his favorite gift was the Dune Racer he got from his parents

Saturday, August 11, 2012


table are but it makes up to a bed for when we bring grandchildren with

small kitchen and fridge

two burner stove and microwave

pantry or closet depending on your needs

a toilet and tub

two beds

a place for a T V and movie storage( and radio)

It is important, here on the Prairie, to be friendly with the Natives

This one wasn't sure about us but I won him over with my smilie

This is the smaller trailer but the other one is only a foot or so bigger. Looks nice behind our van !
We went to Alexandria to look at camping trailers. We are getting closer to retirement and would like a small home on wheels if possible. We are looking for a very lightweight and small trailer that our van will pull easy and not take up to much space in the yard or driveway depending on where we decide to store it. There are two choices that will suit our needs and the pictures reflect the one that is probably the best. There is a bit smaller one with a very open feel but no bunkbeds just a sofa. They are very reasonable, I think, under 10,000 dollars. I went to work on a budget to see if we could save enough for it and compared the price to staying in Hotels as we plan on visiting family in Washington a lot. I think the trailer wins.   

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of the Scandinavia shops I go to is located in a town 60 miles west from where I live. I needed to buy some mugs for the grandchildren so off we went for a visit.