Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Apple-Bacon compote

Walmart sells little jars of Fuji Apples for a dollar. These work great for this recipe.
 I took 3 pieces of bacon and cooked them until crisp in a fry pan. I drained the apples and saved the juice. Put the apples in the pan with the leftover bacon grease. Add one tablespoon brown sugar and cook for 10-15 minutes. The heat should be medium.I like a few of the apples to almost crisp around the edge but not burn. Kinda like frying potatoes but keep some softer to for the mix of texture. I took a tablespoon of corn starch and a teaspoon or so of sugar to sweeten the liquid and make a thickener. Add to apple mixture and stir until desired consistency . I for got to say set the cooked bacon aside and use the same pan with bacon fat still there. Unless you get more than a couple of tablespoons of fat you would want to drain a little off. I like a smokey bacon which I also found at Walmart it is the store brand. Put on a plate and sprinkle the broken bacon pieces on top.
E N J O Y!!!!!
If you want to make the apple mixture ahead you could but don't add the bacon until you eat it. The bacon would get soggy:(
I like the sweetness of the apples with the saltiness of the bacon. The soft and crisp textures. It worked well for a breakfast here on the prairie.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Tomorrow will be a year  since my mom passed away. I am still struggling a great deal. Thought I would share a few memories.
 My daughter Mary with my parents and dog Rosie
Mary again a few years later
My son Michael and wife Karla visiting from Minnesota
The last time I saw my mother. A year later she was gone.
My last visit with my mom will always be in my heart.
I have  few regrets that only God can heal. Each day I rely on Him to get me thru. There were many disappointments during the whole process. With time and determination will come healing. Someone told me not to be discouraged it took them a few years but healing does come. Trust God for all He can do for us in times of grief.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Growing up we had a crystal bowl on the buffet. We were not suppose to touch it. It belonged to my grandmother. My dad use to but fruit in it sometimes. I think my brother has it now.
This also belonged to my grandmother. I always called it the gingerbread bowl. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. My dad let me have it before passing away last year. I thought I would keep the tradition of a bowl on the buffet. My husband and I really like the look of it here on our buffet. It will of course have many uses over the next few years. I am more of a decorator than my father was and I like change more than he. I was using it to make bread as my grandmother use to do but I find it to precious to take a chance of breaking it so I will let it sit , for now, on my buffet.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Winter is close! Sunday we had our first snow. I did some Christmas Shopping. 


It continues to amaze me how difficult this process has been for me. In a few weeks it will be a year since my mother passed away. Within a few months later  my dad also passed from a very rare form of cancer. I thought by now I would be back to what is normal for my life. 
The latest thing that keeps bringing up those memories is having to make softer foods for my dear husband. He is having a lot of expensive dental work done to restore his smile. Each tooth is at least a six month process. The first is almost complete but now the dental surgeon wants to start right away on the next(before all the holiday food) Hubby was not to happy about this. 
As I prepare his meals it brings back the memory of doing this for my father. Last year, almost at this same time, I gave up spending the holidays with my family here in Minnesota to take care of my father. I seem to be making many of the same meals. Just a simple bowl of oatmeal brings tears. Each morning when my dad finally could feel well enough to sit at the dining room table I would make his oatmeal, very soft. I do not care for it like this so I would have my Cheerios and banana. Who would think a year later a bowl of cereal could evoke such pain.The good thing about this time was the blessings God gave me during these meals. With all the pain from these memories also comes healing. The things my dad shared with me were truly priceless. I may have missed a season with my grandchildren but I am so grateful to God for the blessings he gave me from my earthly father. I will be forever thankful that I sacrificed this time to spend it with my dying father. This is something you can never have again. It doesn't matter how many of his things we try to hang on to for some past childhood memory, these final ones are the ones I feel have blessed me the most. The memories are with you for a lifetime and no one can take that away.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I went to a retreat this weekend with my daughter. Bridging the Gap.
Speakers were Shaunti Feldhahn, Erin and Greg Smalley, Susie Larson and a Concert  with Meredith Andrews a up and coming Christian artist. What a great time learning from people who really trust God and put Him first in their lives.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I started a little Fall decorating. This is where the storm door will be going.
The frame is finished. It is going to be a Shadow Box fence 
In the Spring we will be putting up a deck on this side. On the inside we will be putting flowers, bushes and maybe a tree.  I hope to put in some bird feeders so I can sit and watch the birds.
This will be a variety of raised garden beds. I am still working on the garden design.


We have finally started putting up a fence in the backyard. Our yard is very small but with grandchildren under the age of five I will feel better about letting them play out back. Next Spring we hope to put up a low deck . We hired someone to do all the work and so far we are happy. It should be close to being finished today so more pics are on the way. We also will have a storm door put on the front door. We will be nice and cozy this winter. That may take a few more weeks but will be done by the end of October. It costs a lot more to hire out for all these projects but we are feeling good not to be in pain from trying to do it ourselves. Can't wait to see it all finished. HAPPY FALL!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


They go to different schools but both had first good days. Next year we hope to have both at Saint Cloud Christian for Kindergarten but that is a year away. Last Thursday they spent the day with grandpa and grandma. We over heard them saying" we are best cousins right" We are feeling so lucky to have grandchildren who have such sweet, caring spirits. There is such comfort in knowing God is in control of these little lives. He has their journey planned out we get to be pray warriors for them.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

FALL is almost HERE

We have 4 grandchildren that live in Washington. Two granddaughters are once again starting school first grade and third grade . Their brother will be going to preschool. 
Here in Minnesota we have two grandchildren starting preschool. One grandson and one granddaughter. We are so excited to be able to experience this milestone. It seems like only yesterday they were babies. 
Last time on the Menu will be Summer Strawberry French Toast. I think this is a favorite for back to school breakfast.
They will be going to Kindergarten together next year at a private school . They are excited to be classmates and cousins. Grandma is planning on being the Taxi service so the mommys can work and not worry about their kids