Saturday, September 21, 2013


I started a little Fall decorating. This is where the storm door will be going.
The frame is finished. It is going to be a Shadow Box fence 
In the Spring we will be putting up a deck on this side. On the inside we will be putting flowers, bushes and maybe a tree.  I hope to put in some bird feeders so I can sit and watch the birds.
This will be a variety of raised garden beds. I am still working on the garden design.


Blackberry Lane said...

Exciting to see it take shape and fun to plan the trees/flowers etc. I like your fall decorations. Come visit Blackberry Lane some time. I keep my posts nice and short!

Debbie said...

Alice, you stay so busy. Doing good things. We need a privacy fence, but are fighting some obstacles to get that. Time, energy and other projects being the most hindersome. :D
Have a fun Fall.