Sunday, February 26, 2012


We use to take Paul's mom to this Casino every year and it was on the way up North so we stopped for lunch here. They usually have a really nice buffet for a good price. I have a husband who likes to eat and he won't go hungry here. The ladies and hubby enjoy casino's, I just tag along, but guess what? I put a couple of dollars in a machine and won 50. Yes I quit while I was ahead. We didn't stay long and soon were back on the road.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Can you see it thru the trees?

here is another chance to see it and that is Lake Superior in the background

of course it was closed for tours because it is Winter

We will come back when we can take the tour

What a view

this winter has been great for doing things like this that you don't normally get to do because it is so cold

It was cold, don't get me wrong, just bearable with the sun out and I believe it was above freezing
We are off to Grand Marais next. Most everything is closed for the Winter but we still explored a little. We found the best little cafe in Grand Marais called the Crocked Spoon this will be on the next post. The drive alone was worth it. We saw Egales

Friday, February 24, 2012


This is a great place to hike but most people do it in the summer. We have had such a mild winter we decided to try it. The day was beautiful but a lot of the paths were full of ice and packed snow. We did not have the equipment to tackle that kind of hiking so we just stayed around the Falls which was still a good hike.There was so much to see and Lake Superior is in the background of some of the pictures. We were remineded of the ocean at several points where we stopped to look at the Lake. There was a class that was going to climb down the frozen falls but it was taking more time than we had to watch. We were headed still farther North. Next post will be the Lighthouse.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


WE could not walk along the pier due to to much ice

We went with Pauls sister Cheryl and friend Jo. Jo's daughter works for Merriott and so we get a special rate on those fabulous rooms

This was along the boardwalk

It was a snack bar only open in Summer

I love this view, It is so much better in person

This was a landmark something about a floating casino back in the 20's

we love taking pictures

now we are hungry so we are headed thru town to a resturant
Duluth is a little like Tacoma,WA ..lots of hills

waiting at the stoplight

there were some unusual statues and fountains

I took a liken to Mr. Moose

He was a chair

This bridge opens to the big ships and was near "Grandmas" where we ate dinner
Next will be the hike at Gooseberry Falls
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Sunday, February 19, 2012


We got to Duluth Sunday afternoon and checked into our Hotel room. We decided to walk along the water front before dinner and here are some of the things we saw. The lake is usually frozen this time of year but our weather has been very mild. There are still ice chunks where the ducks are trying to walk on. We had one "suite" room. We went up North with my husbands sister and friend Jo for his 60 birthday. There are more pictures to come but I must rush off to my grandaughter Harper's first birthday party so I will be back as soon as I can with more pictures of the North Shore