Thursday, February 23, 2012


WE could not walk along the pier due to to much ice

We went with Pauls sister Cheryl and friend Jo. Jo's daughter works for Merriott and so we get a special rate on those fabulous rooms

This was along the boardwalk

It was a snack bar only open in Summer

I love this view, It is so much better in person

This was a landmark something about a floating casino back in the 20's

we love taking pictures

now we are hungry so we are headed thru town to a resturant
Duluth is a little like Tacoma,WA ..lots of hills

waiting at the stoplight

there were some unusual statues and fountains

I took a liken to Mr. Moose

He was a chair

This bridge opens to the big ships and was near "Grandmas" where we ate dinner
Next will be the hike at Gooseberry Falls
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