Monday, March 24, 2014


I was wondering on Sunday if these two were going to have a hill to slide on. Mother Nature was all to happy to drop a half inch  of snow this morning so they were not disappointed .

Harper gave up sledding after snow kept getting into her gloves. 
I found our toys we used in the sand box also do double duty for snow
Trucks were getting stuck and needed to be rescued

It was cold so we headed to the garage to ride bike until lunch
After naps we tied to do a little bike ride but the wind picked up and it was really cold the streets had melted so it wasn't icy
Hunter had to settle for a train ride and Grammy played along... Now my hips hurt😍
It's a busy week with extra babysitting doctors appointments a visit to the orthopedic surgeon for my arm and a loft bunk bed to be delivered for the kids room. GRANDKIDS can't wait to spend the night
Happy Spring!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Daycare is closed for 3 days so today I have these two sweet grandchildren and Monday - Tuesday I will have the other two. 
The snow has been melting but we still have a couple of drifts in the back yard that made sledding a fun activity.

Our second day of Spring still looks a lot like Winter to most people. If the weather stays warm it will be gone by Easter. The only problem is we still get a couple of large snows in between . We just had 10 inches but it is already melting and we are seeing the grass again. The day was good. The kids were on their best behavior and made it easy for grandma. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Our church is having a series of movie nights for families. This week it was Frozen so we took the grankids . 
Grandma is explaining the rules before the movie begins
Enjoying some snacks as we settle in
Ellie loves her Mater Teeth
Harper also loves her Mater Teeth
Shaking out the wiggle bugs before it starts
Ok... Now we are ready
There was free popcorn too!!!
They seem to enjoy it. We had lots of snacks and 3 screens that had the movie so all could see it well

Monday, March 10, 2014


When we looked out the window we found this long icicle. 
We decided to walk to my sister in laws house. She has just returned home from hip surgery.
As we leave, there is a lot of snow at the end of the driveway.... And ice chunks. 
We try to blow the snow and make clean lines but the snow plow usually comes and creates a mess of what we have just accomplished or the wind blows and we can't always get to it right away and some melting and re freezing happens.
This year we have a new kind of look to the snow. Can you see the sheen? It looks like milk glass. 
It keeps piling up but we are finally getting temps above freezing and that begins the start of the big melt down.
The roads are beginning to turn to slush. At night they usually freeze over and then re freeze  the next day. This can make walking a challenge. 
Can you see how shiny it looks. This is the first time in 13 years we have snow like this. It is beautiful. The top must have melted and refrozen or perhaps some freezing rain fell over the snow pack.
We love our neighborhood . It is between a couple of farms. It feels a bit like country living but so close to all that the city has to offer and close to work.

I look rather chubby in this picture. I hope it is the winter clothing😁
Ice chunks are hard to plow or scoop up.