Monday, March 10, 2014


When we looked out the window we found this long icicle. 
We decided to walk to my sister in laws house. She has just returned home from hip surgery.
As we leave, there is a lot of snow at the end of the driveway.... And ice chunks. 
We try to blow the snow and make clean lines but the snow plow usually comes and creates a mess of what we have just accomplished or the wind blows and we can't always get to it right away and some melting and re freezing happens.
This year we have a new kind of look to the snow. Can you see the sheen? It looks like milk glass. 
It keeps piling up but we are finally getting temps above freezing and that begins the start of the big melt down.
The roads are beginning to turn to slush. At night they usually freeze over and then re freeze  the next day. This can make walking a challenge. 
Can you see how shiny it looks. This is the first time in 13 years we have snow like this. It is beautiful. The top must have melted and refrozen or perhaps some freezing rain fell over the snow pack.
We love our neighborhood . It is between a couple of farms. It feels a bit like country living but so close to all that the city has to offer and close to work.

I look rather chubby in this picture. I hope it is the winter clothing😁
Ice chunks are hard to plow or scoop up.

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Debbie said...

Alice, it is wonderful that you can call all that snow 'beautiful' at this point. Ours is almost gone, but we will get more tonight. Spring really is underneath all that white!
Wish we lived in the country.