Monday, March 24, 2014


I was wondering on Sunday if these two were going to have a hill to slide on. Mother Nature was all to happy to drop a half inch  of snow this morning so they were not disappointed .

Harper gave up sledding after snow kept getting into her gloves. 
I found our toys we used in the sand box also do double duty for snow
Trucks were getting stuck and needed to be rescued

It was cold so we headed to the garage to ride bike until lunch
After naps we tied to do a little bike ride but the wind picked up and it was really cold the streets had melted so it wasn't icy
Hunter had to settle for a train ride and Grammy played along... Now my hips hurt😍
It's a busy week with extra babysitting doctors appointments a visit to the orthopedic surgeon for my arm and a loft bunk bed to be delivered for the kids room. GRANDKIDS can't wait to spend the night
Happy Spring!!!

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