Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As I got off the plane in Minneapolis I was feeling a little sad. Leaving my father in his last weeks of life was difficult. I had to go home after being with him for two months. This means I will most likely not see him again. As I walked through the airport to collect my baggage my mood was low. When I passed through the doors I saw a face with a very big smile , Hunter was waiting for his Grandma with flowers in hand and some very big hugs. I got tears in my eyes. He really missed his grandma. We went down the escalator to baggage claim and there were Ellie and Harper waiting with flowers and a welcome home sign. Ellie gave me a big hug and I don't think she wanted to stop . Little Harper who is an independent little girl and does not pass out hugs carelessly gave me the sign and 3 hugs . The warmth and love from these 3 little ones was overwhelming . It made leaving my dad a little easier and me more grateful to have some of my family so close.