Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My sister in law had a house built near us. It was winter so the sidewalk and driveway were not poured. The weather finally warmed up and the cement was poured. The GRANDKIDS and I walked over to see how it was going. 
Miss H didn't realize the cement was wet and put her foot in it. Thankfully the workers were pouring the driveway and were able to fix it.
We put our tools up on the wall. I used an "old school" technique my dad taught me. This was after looking at many home improvement stores and not finding what I wanted. It has been very difficult doing yard work this year. Many memories of my dad keep coming to mind and I seem to be shedding many tears at odd moments. Such is the journey of grief I suppose.
Even when I am baking I am always thinking of my dad. Father's Day will be difficult this year but these cinnamon rolls were great. I tried a cream cheese icing for the first time. I think my dad would be proud. He liked getting those huge rolls from Costco. More memories.

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Maple Lane said...

Yes, your dad would be proud of all that you are doing. For probably a year, everything reminded me of my parents. Cornbread...mother; banana pudding...daddy. May God bless your days with sweet memories, Alice.