Friday, May 24, 2013


Winter was hard on the lawn and plants this year. My mom died in November so I was unable to cover things properly. I love my native plants from Washington so I tried a few here. The Azaleas made it but not the rhododendron. I am replacing those with a red Dogwood Bush and a yellow Dogwood Bush. The sticks will be pretty after the foliage is gone. We are trying to get the grass to come back. You can see how bad it is in the pictures. We also had to add a play area where I was designing my Garden due to the GRANDKIDS being here 4 days a week. We built two garden boxes where they planted beans, peas and carrots. Lemon Thyme is in the pot. We planted strawberries, two more blueberry bushes and hope to be enjoying them soon! There will be a deck coving the sitting area as well as the patio and a fence to keep the little ones safe, hopefully before summer is over. We try to get our projects done before the heat and humidity hit us. We are to old to work very long in the heat. Maybe we will have to hire someone to do the deck and fence. We also have chocolate mint and spearmint in the pots on the patio. Kids live to smell it. We may use it in a chocolate mint soda;) I am trying lemon balm in pots hope to scare away some misquotes . A few tomatoes behind the sitting area where the deck will be. We don't think it will be possible to put it in until the end of summer so I took a chance for a few home grown tomatoes We want the fence first. Happy Memorial Day!!

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