Monday, January 20, 2014


It has been a little over a week without the grand kids. I just couldn't keep up and my grandson was having some behavior issues . I asked them to spend the night and go to church with us. So I got the guest room ready.

I am redoing the smaller bedroom. I need to find a new bed and furniture that will be kid friendly.
I found these clothes on clearance at Target. I love watching their faces when they receive a surprise.
All ready for church. We are still having cold temperatures and more snow. The sun was shining and not to cold for us.
The 2 inches was more like 6. I am so glad hubby bought a snowblower last year. I am almost unable to go into the backyard the snow is so deep.
We went sledding with the other grandchildren who live a few blocks away. The snowplow creates big hills of snow that work nicely for little ones who want to slide down them.
Hoping to organize my projects this week and get back to working on them. My daughter was in need for some furniture so we gave her some of ours and I have been replacing what we gave away. The kids room is a play room now. I decided not to turn it into an office until the kids get older. They need the space. I am looking for a table or desk for my room where I can do the office or crafting things. I will take some pictures soon and post just happy to be moving on this year. Too many struggles last year to endure but God is good and things look a little better for 2014. 

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