Friday, January 3, 2014


We want to take the grand kids ice skating but the temperature is to cold . We are going way below zero, almost a record. We went out and bought some roller skates and let them skate around the kitchen.
The house is still in clean up mode but should be back to normal soon. Today was our last day of Grammycare. I just can't keep up. I know it will be difficult financially for my daughter but we pray God will supply. He has supplied a good daycare where Harper and Hunter have 2 of their cousins. She is very reasonable to. I am having some health issues which make it difficult to keep with to very active toddlers. I will have them Friday for a few hours after daycare closes. Looking forward to a new chapter in this Journey called life.


Debbie said...

Alice, don't beat yourself up. As much as I love my little granddaughter and enjoy spending time with her, I would not be up to keeping her full time. That's why God doesn't give babies to old ladies! :D We raised our two without any help from grandparents, sometimes requiring overtime and me working odd jobs so I could be home with them most of the time. An excellent way for them to see God's provision.
You've worked hard. Rest.

Nib's End said...

You are a good grandma. Indoor rollerskating...what a stitch!