Saturday, June 7, 2014


We all feel unloved or rejected by someone in our life. We must learn how to overcome rejection in the right way. Otherwise the feeling of rejection can change how we make decisions. It changes how we treat people around us.
Unhealthy ways we deal with rejection:
1. We avoid the risk of rejection ( we don't try anymore)
God will never use us unless we risk being hurt. We need to be wise about choosing the people we are close to but we must take the risk. Sometimes we may need to be open and honest about our opinion when it comes to the truth of our faith and this will bring rejection of others but we must be true to God not people. We must not react to rejection we must express ourselves through love and kindness.

2. We deal with rejection with anger and aggression 

3. We feel hopelessness and despair
Our hearts are broken.These people get sick more and die from diseases more because they have nothing to live for. Satan is responsible for planting the spirit of rejection not God

4. We become over sensitive to rejection and become dependent on approval of others.
We can become people pleasers to an unhealthy degree. We must stand up for what we believe and where God wants us to be even when others don't agree . This is part of real life not everyone is going to agree with you. Some May chose to reject you.
Overcoming rejection:
1. Base your life on Gods perfect love and study Gods word to learn what it says about you.
Don't be controlled by people but by Gods perfect will for you. God will never leave you or forsake you. God doesn't bring you the feeling of rejection satan does. If we base our life on human love we will be scarred and disappointed. Only God can fill that void with His perfect love. God is committed to you. Words don't define commitment, trouble does. Bad times define commitment from others not good times. People will fail you during bad times. God will be with you at both times good or bad. He is dependable. Hebrews 13 helps us understand  some of this. 

2. Persue relationships with fellow believers who have a healthy walk with God. 
Christians are suppose to be different. Pursuing a Christ like life. Christians friends should be there for you when you are struggling, not run away or condemn you. Christians have a different value system. You should be able to count on these friends not to reject you. They might challenge you if your moving in a wrong way but they should be loving ,kind and faithful.

3. We should expect rejection and not take it so personally
Luke 6:22-23
We must stand up for what we believe is right through Jesus Christ even when it means rejection is possible. God is always faithful.

4. Forgive those who reject you and give them Gods love and acceptance in return
Luke 6:27-31
When Gods love is flowing on the inside you can rise above your circumstances. You can smilie when they frown you can love when they hate you can bless when they curse you. God has forgiven us from our past, present and future. We are called to do the same. When we overcome the spirit of rejection with our faith and love in Jesus Christ. Because God has forgiven us we have no chice but to forgive others no matter how they have offended us.

May God Bless you on your journey !

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KathyB. said...

Anger and bitterness destroy our health, more serious and of eternal consequence is what it does to our soul. God created us in His image, and the opposite of what He desires for us (His creation ) can't help but be a destructive factor in our lives, all aspects of our lives. It's so easy for me to forget this when I get entangled in everyday life , forgetting to check my attitude and heart with Him through His word.

I think what you wrote here shows we're to keep our eyes fixed on Him...and our hearts. Thank-you.