Tuesday, June 3, 2014


If you are trying to find favor with God by doing and performing I am sorry to let you know you are never going to be able to do enough to win Gods favor. Jesus shed His blood and did it all for us.
PERFORMANCE is all about ME
OBEDIENCE is all about GOD
GRACE is about GOD 
It isn't about you it is all about the grace of God and the grace of God is all that qualifies you to do anything.
How do you know if your walking in grace? Grace is all about God and all about Gods goodness.
Performance is all about us and how qualified we are and how well we are doing. It isn't about performance it is all about OBEDIENCE. We don't deserve anything God has. Everything we receive is a free gift from Gods grace. ALL I can do is PRAISE Him and OBEY Him. 
When we choose to show our grace and mercy to only those that we think should receive it we dishonor God and we put ourselves above God.We must OBEY God ALWAYS. 
When those times in your life start falling apart the Devil always shows up to make it about you. He tells you your not good enough, you are a failure, you failed so many times, you are defective. The Devil wants you to believe you can't be used by God. In those times the way you defeat the Devil is by the blood of the lamb and word of our testimony. We have a God of mercy and grace. When we have a performance attitude we begin to show our mercy and grace to those who we think deserve it. What makes you greater then God? God loves the whole world and has asked us to do the same. When you close your heart and mind you start down a very dangerous path. My prayer today is you get off that path and start a new one. Be obedient to God. 

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