Monday, February 3, 2014


This is why I am grateful to the Seahawks for having a core group of Godly men who walk the walk and talk the talk. My grandsons will be involved in Sports if they choose and enjoy it. It was interesting how this little guy was interested in Russell Wilson. I hope he sees his character as well as his accomplishments.
The party began on a positive note. The furniture was moved so everyone would have a good view.
He didn't last the whole game but I was impressed. His grandpa is a big fan. He said " grandpa I bet your glad you didn't have a Broncos party" he was able to see the score and know Seahawks were winning. He later came to me and wanted to show me something... We had a poster from the Seattle paper a friend sent, he wanted it to put in his room, it was Russell Wilson. He and his little cousin were running around with balloons and footballs pretending they were Russell throwing the ball. It really was priceless. So far it seems balanced.. We don't believe in hero worship but good role models are rare. We are glad there are some in the Seahawks Team.
The other cousins spent some time in the playroom reading stories. Miss E. was a good role model here keeping the little ones busy. Today I get to reorganize and clean up this room.... Oh well it was fun and some good memories. Going to look at bedroom furniture for this room tomorrow.

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Debbie said...

I didn't see the game, but saw a pre game interview with 5 players and Pastor Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. What amazing testimonies of these 5 players that obviously know and love the Lord. They put that WAY above a possible Super Bowl Win. Those things wear off eventually, but that kind of faith is eternal.