Saturday, February 8, 2014


It has been a very cold winter. Many temperatures way below 0 with wind chills regularly between -25 to -35 
Our winters here are usually very cold but this year has been extremely cold. This means I spend a lot of time indoors. My poor hubby works outside and my son also. Today was -17 but warmed up to 13 above by the time they came home.4 more years before we retire. Each year we consider it but with the economy the way it is it makes for a hard decision . You don't want to find out too late you didn't save enough. Schools have been closed a few days this year because of cold. My granddaughter in Washington school was closed for a little snow... Yep... We smile but I remember how difficult it is to get around out there with just a little snow and no snow removal equipment. We have snow piled up against the back food by at least 4 feet. More snow is on the way. Spring is at least 6 weeks off and then summer with its high humidity and so the seasons come and go. Keeping warm today with the Olympic Games on T V. I baked  pumpkin pie bars to warm the kitchen  and bring those sweet smells indoors.
KEEP WARM this weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

That is a lot of snow. Your pumpkin bars look delicious and I know they made the house smell heavenly. Have a good evening.