Friday, February 14, 2014


The back yard snow keeps blowing around . 
It has gone away from the door a little but is still pretty deep to venture out there just yet.
The front screen storm door was still freezing up today 
It is pretty don't ya think?
When you travel done the street you have piles of snow and then a driveway. It did not show up well but it is kind of funny.

The wind has been blowing the snow up against the fence. We hope to paint or stain it white this summer
You can see the snow is almost up to the windows. Hope we don't get much more but it is possible.

We had to plow again today because of the blowing snow.
We might lose the stop sign soon if we continue with blizzards . Our last snow is in April then Spring will come .

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KathyB. said...

Yes, it is beautiful ! Makes me wonder about the difficulty your husband & son have delivering mail though. Also, looks like you could really lose your grandchildren in the snow if they dare to venture outdoors.