Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am looking for some chairs to put in the bay window. Here is an option but I am am still looking.
They were very comfortable and a good size for in front of the bay window.
I am also looking for lamps for the living room. I need 2 on each side of the sofa one or two in the bay window and one or two on each side of the TV cabinet . This has been a difficult task. I want them to blend but not match exactly. Hope to find something soon.
This is one of the least expensive options. Most are around 200.00 dollars so making a decision could be costly . Where is a good place to look? I have been to every furniture store here in Saint Cloud . 

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Nib's End said...

Have you tried Target or TJ Maxx? Also, there are some online lighting stores that vary in prices.