Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is a long winter year. Just as almost all the snow was gone and I could see my plants we had a spring blizzard. This morning it was almost a whiteout. I think we got about 9 inches of wet heavy snow. Minnesota winter snow is light and fluffy not to hard to shovel. I could barely get the snowblower to blow this stuff. I am not complaining. After 13 years of mixed weather I am learning to roll with the seasons. I do feel sorry for my son and husband as they are mail carriers and it is a very tuff day for them. The snowplow still has not passed through our neighborhood. Do you think they put them away for summer storage? I enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning while I watched the snow blow across the prairie. It won't be long before summer heat and humidity are pulling us inside to air conditioning to find some relief. I am finding enjoyment in each season. They all have their own kind of beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, Hard to believe you have fresh snow. Everything is green here and beginning to bloom. We are covered up in pollen instead of snow.
Have a very nice week.