Thursday, April 18, 2013


My husbands sister had a house built a few blocks away from ours we helped with the move. We moved most of the big stuff. We are all over the age of 50 so moving takes a few days. The little stuff will be moved between snow storms. YES I said snow storms we are getting another 6-8 inches between today and tomorrow. I do believe Spring will physically not be here this year. We will go directly to Summer. Such is life in the upper Midwest We now have my son and his family 3 blocks west and my sister in laws 3 blocks north. Hopefully we will get in the yard soon and see if any plants died. Happy Spring!!

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KathyB. said...

We've helped so many friends & family move this past year we're hoping everyone decides to stay put for awhile! At least we aren't moving them between snow storms. My goodness.... maybe you should put up the Christmas tree to make the snow feel more festive, but then again, that would require moving boxes and furniture around ~ never mind.