Friday, April 19, 2013


We are still waiting for Spring to arrive in Central Minnesota. We had a rather bad storm come through yesterday and last night. I believe we had about 12 inches of blowing snow fall. This Spring snow is good snowman and snowball making snow. Usually the temperature is so cold we get light and fluffy powder snow. I took a few pictures of my front door and walkway as my hubby went out to use the snowblower , a very smart buy and gift for Christmas this year. This is the first one we have owned . We have been in our new house a little over a year and are slowly getting all the supplies one needs to make it through the winters here. This is the worst or should I say most snow ever in the month of April. I have lived here almost 13 years. The only other time we had a lot of snow was when my son was in Iraq. The first wave of the war he was fighting sand storms we were fighting snow storms. We may bypass Spring this year and go directly into Summer. Last year we had a few 80 degree days this time of year. I guess we can still dream of warmer days. Maybe I will set out the bird feeder. I saw a few robins struggling in the snow and thought" how do they find food with frozen ground and so much snow"?i hope to be setting up my garden soon. HAPPY SPRING!!

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Alice said...

My house is not white that is snow clinging to the siding and front door. This is heavy wet snow and it is sticking to all the windows and doors. We can't even see out the back patio door. Next week should bring warmer temps and warm weather is not far off;-)