Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here are the reasons I may be gone from blogging for awhile or at best a little sporatic. My Parents are both in the final months of life here on earth. My mother may be just a few more weeks. I need to go back home. I made arrangements to go for the month of December but now I wonder if I should go sooner. It is a difficult decision I have obligations and responsiblilities here in my new home. I will more than likely never see my mother alive again and this ways heavy on my mind. The one comfort I have is knowing I will see them again in Heaven. My mother suffers fron Type 2 dieabetes complications. Her red blood cells are no longer working and she has started suffing strokes (mild) in the last week. My father has malignant Angiosarcoma. He had a tumor removed a year ago when we were there on a visit. It is now in his lung. I will trust God to know what is best and hope to be back to blogging in a few months.



Anonymous said...

Hello Alice, I'm so sorry about your parents. I certainly understand and will be praying for you and for them during this difficult time. Please update us as you are able. Mildred

Alice said...

At times like this it helps to know people are praying for me. Thank you so much.

Deanna said...

May God comfort you.