Saturday, October 27, 2012


I love making caramel !! This year I am trying to make some dipping caramel for Apples. I will be serving this on Wednesday when the family and gran kids come for our Halloween Supper. This is the first one in our new house. Last we had it at my son's house in the same neighborhood. Our house was still in the closing process. I have been keeping busy with baking and preparing for our special dinner. I did get a little good news, although my mother will need 24 hour care she is maintaining and I won't have to change my plans just yet. God is gracious and God is good I am so glad he has control .


Maple Lane said...

I am thankful for this update on your mother. Your photo of the apples/caramel looks delicious. I always loved an ice cream sundae with hot caramel!

Maple Lane said...

Alice, It would be safe to take the word verification off your blog. Hardly anyone uses it because it is so very difficult to decipher. It took me 3 tries to publish my comment above. I will comment no matter what you decide, but I thought maybe you did not know.

A. Joy said...

Can you get me Grandpa's peanut brittle recipe? He gave it to me once but I can't find it! You can leave it in the comments on my blog or have Uncle Paul message it to me on facebook. ?? I hope you have it! Thanks!

The Jones Family said...

Hi, I am your newest follower, from clear out here is sunny Arizona. Caramel and apples sounds like delicious Halloween treat. Hope you enjoy Halloween with your family. God bless you. Enjoy the coming week!

Deanna said...

Caramel yummmm!
I would love some this right about now. Apples and caramel are hard to beat.
Have a pleasant holiday,