Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have been here in Washington about a month now. I left Grandpa home alone. He has been keeping himself busy entertaining some of the grand kids. Sure glad my children are keeping him fed as well as Marie Callendar.
Little Update:
Took dad to the day surgery center at Tacoma General where he had a PET scan. This will help determine what, if any, course of treatment is next . They are no longer draining his lung. It is full and he coughs a lot. He still has his right lung. No cancer there yet. Praying for peace he was an active man and can no longer do much. We will attempt a trip to Costco today for a Infrared Heater. The furnace went out the other morning and some of us are concerned about the use of so many electric heaters. When the furnace man was here he recommended an infrared heater. The part that broke on the furnace will be fixed on Friday and it is working. My dad thinks he is saving money by using the electric heaters. The price of oil heat is high and his old house had no insulation. I am not do sure what the savings are but he is happy so I am happy.

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KathyB. said...

All those heaters can be pretty pricey too, but right now all that matters is he is warm without risking fire danger. I see you have been cooking him some very tasty meals, the kind he loves!You are taking such good care of him Alice.

Your own husband & grandkids back home sure miss you, but Paul looks pretty happy cuddling the grandkids.