Thursday, December 6, 2012


My younger sister and I decorated my fathers home for Christmas. I will be spending the holiday with him this year. The best gift my family could have given me. I will be going South to Kelso for a week to spend time with my daughter and 4 of my grandchildren. The baby is turning one so there will be a party. My father has Angiosarcoma , it has spread to his lung and lymph nodes, this is the last stage. We hope and pray he will be here for Christmas but also tthat he won't have to suffer to long.

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KathyB. said...

Everything looks so pretty. This is his favorite season and the fact that he keeps Christmas decorations out all year because Christmas makes him happy makes this even more special. I love the picture of him holding the Christmas stuffed animal.I don't think I or Jim , or his grandchildren & great-grandchildren will ever be able to think about this season with him being fore-front in our memories. What a gift he has for making the RIGHT kind of memories.A man who is blessed by God, and has been a blessing himself to so many...