Thursday, June 14, 2012


Guess who came for a surprise visit on my Anniversary

My sister in law Kathy and she was the best present although she didn't get to stay long

She was headed to Walker MN with her sister and so we went up there the next day
I was waitng for my son to call telling me my grandaughter Ellie was awake from her nap and would I come over with the new wagon we just pruchased. The phone rang and to my surprise it was my sister in law Kathy some of you know her from her Blog Spot on  Cedar Pond. I think I cried I was so excited. She was on her way to Walker MN with her sister Joanne who was doing a seminar at Chase On the Lake Resort( beautiful place) They only had a short time to visit at our Little House but we made plans to visit her the next day. I packed a picnic lunch and headed North it is a beautiful drive and we saw lots of Eagles on the way up. We visited for a few hours and had a picnic lunch. She told us about Geo Cache which my husband logged onto and while we were there we went looking, because of weather we were unable to complete the find, but plan to go back and see if we can find it. What a treat to have a visitor from home. Kathy is the first person from home to visit our Little House. My sister was out last March but we had not bought this house yet.
I am getting ready to host my daughter and her family in a few weeks. I hope you made it home safe Kathy and Joanne the weather was rather wicked this morning but got better through out the day.
I really don't like surprises as a rule but this one I loved. I usually like to prepare something special for my visitors but it didn't seem to matter we had a great visit. Thank you Joanne for bringing her.

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KathyB. said...

What a nice post Alice, thank-you! Your home is so lovely and the picnic lunch you & Paul brought to Walker the next day was scrumptious. I wish we'd have found the geocache, but what fun you and Paul are going to have finding others.

Thank-you very much, and to my sister Joni too.