Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am working on the North side of the house

I am planting 2 red rhododendrons

2 blueberry plants under the living room windows

forsythia on the corner heading to the front of the house

2 new planters, ferns and bird bath

orange flower azalea

red flowers and smaller leaves

my friend THOR he lights up at night

another azalea with white flowers that have yellow middles
aziatic lilly but it was pink I wanted orange or yellow and a present from my neighbor across the street

south west side by the garage is going to be an Herb Garden( I hope)

lavender I hope it grows into a hedge (English)

Provence Lavender

Rosemary (this may not make the harsh winters but I am giving it a try)
The grass has to be removed from the side of the house and here in the Herb garden but I am old now and can only do a little at a time. This is the job for next week when hubby will be home to help me. I have lots of pain in my right side from my feet to my neck so things move at a much slower pace. We have a very small yard and lots of ideas which I hope to acomplish next year when I have more money. Some things will be a deck on the back, a firepit, patio furniture and a shed. It may be necessary to put up some kind of fenching because the yards are close but we can't agree on what type yet. Lots of things to look forward to hope you enjoy and please come for a visit if your in the area. We love company!

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