Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here I am on the morning of my birth 56 years ago today. I am unable to sleep and thought what a great time to blog...Sitting here with a cup of Chamomile Tea and reflecting on years passed. It has been 6 months in the new house and things are slowly coming together. I am going around the house today and taking pictures, which I will share later, The Washington grandkids are coming for their annual visit. This will be the first time for the four kids to see the new house. My daughter, their mother, came in February with  new baby Luke. I was rushing around yesterday washing sheets and making beds trying to make everything look as good as possible. I am not finished with any of the rooms but hopefully they come to visit their grandpa and me not the house.If you have visited before you have noticed we replaced a lot of the bushes outside and am working on flower beds etc. There is so much to do but I have a lifetime to get it done and am learning to take one day at a time and let God lead. I guess I was trying to control things more than I realized and now giving that over to God has been a burden lifted. I still need to take one day at a time but things are more hopeful than before and God has a better plan than I for his children and mine. I will be back with pictures later. THANKS FOR THE VISIT!

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Alice! And guess what; we share the same birth date. I am a year older than you, but I agree with your wisdom about trying to control things. Too much work! Maybe it's a age thing! You sound busy getting ready for your kiddos. How fun! Have a great day and a wonderful week! Birthday hugs!