Wednesday, May 14, 2014


God is working in my life. There are times when I find it overwhelming. There seems to be many areas that either need change or tweaking. One area is relationships. During this process I have learned so much about me, about others and how my past has influenced so much of who I am ( good and bad) trust was one of the things I was struggling with. I found that it has to be developed  over time with consistent behavior on the part of the person you want a relationship with. Trust has to be earned it takes action not just words. It has been an interesting journey for me. When people don't take responsibility for their behavior when they are wrong it builds distrust . This applies to all relationships. There are a few relationships in my life where I was struggling with this. I found that we can only be responsible for our part. We can't change others only God can. We must forgive and move on. Don't stop praying for them but it is ok to move on. Communication is so important with all relationships. My experience was one where this just wasn't possible no matter how much I wanted it. Eph. 4:15 was a verse I hold on to. Jesus is full of grace and love. " Truth without Grace is Mean!!"
"Grace without Truth is Meaningless!!"  What kind of relationship can you have if you can't speak truth in love? In our world of mistruth, gossip and miscommunication I hope you will speak directly with the people in your relationships not behind their back or listen to what others say about them. Gods way is the right way. We must learn to speak truth in love .

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