Monday, April 28, 2014


We finished painting the living room. I wanted to try red and this is the one I like but some how I am not sure if it works. The other color was called potting soil and I may change it to that in a few months...after all it's only paint and those tiny little samples are not enoughtomake such a bold choice. The color is January Garnet
The color behind the sofa is cream but turned out more white than I wanted
More cream here and we still have a few pictures to hang
Because of the light from the window it looks darker than it really is.
This color was called caramel but turned out a little more gold than what I wanted once I hang the picture it will look better
With all the light in the living room the colors change through out the day
For those of you who saw the before photos you might be wondering what happened to those new cabinets she bought.. Here is one. I just didn't like the way they looked and am very happy with it here between the living room and kitchen. It will store some kitchen/dinning room linens. This picture will be hung higher and the three on the left will go on that small wall. We bought some blue paint for this wall but it needs a bit more thought before moving forward with another bold color... I am a little scared to try it and will think on it for awhile. The other curio was put in the guest room and we will see that later.
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Debbie said...

You have great taste and skill Alice. Painting is another project in my future. Oh glorious day! ;)
(note the sarcasm)

Deanna said...

looks great !
I am envious….wish my painting were done.

Nib's End said...

I think the red looks nice. It makes that corner of your living room look warm and cosy and it appears to match your armoire.