Saturday, February 16, 2013


Master H came to Grammys for an overnight visit. I have been gone the last few months taking care of my dad and the passing of both my parents. It has been very difficult for the Minnesota grandchildren. They don't understand why Grammy has to be gone so long. I came home for a week and then had to return after my dad got worse and of course his funeral. When I returned it was time to get ready for Grandpas birthday and the overnight visits that were promised on my return. The grand kids love to bake so Master H and I made grandpa a birthday cake , yellow, with chocolate frosting. Here are a few pictures of the tasting process. Master H enjoyed some outdoor time with grandpa. We have 3 feet of snow. He also tried to walk in grandpas shoes. The next week Miss E came for her overnight. She got sick so we will have to do it again soon.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

love the photo of the lad with his head stuck in the bowl; some days I'm so tired, that's the best I can do as well. -smile-

KathyB. said...

Master H seems very dedicated to his job of licking the frosting our of the bowl. Tell him his great-aunt said "well done!" and give him a kiss for me. Please ?

He is so cute, and I know after being gone so long they must be very happy to have their grandma back home. Probably Grandpa is too. :)