Saturday, February 23, 2013


As I was waiting for a break in the snow so I could shovel my front walkway I made some lunch. Spring has not arrived here in Minnesota and will not before March 20 . It is usually even later than that. I am waiting to do Spring decorating until April. I decided to embrace Winter and make some comfort food on this cold snowy day. Grilled Tuna sandwich with a twist. I started with a basic tuna salad with only pickles added besides the mayo of course. When I do this I will use celery seed and onion powder in place of the real vegetables. For this sandwich I used an Oatmeal bread then added some slice tomato, sharp cheddar Tillamook cheese and the Tuna. I grilled it on a cast iron skillet . I love cast iron for grilling, frying and many other things. It was delicious. I love to experiment with different breads and fillings. A new comfort food in my house... Now.. What should I call it? Tuna Melt surprise?


Alice said...

It looks darker in the picture then it really was. But I do like my bread really toasty.

Debbie Jones said...

Boy that looks really good. We have some cans of tuna so maybe we will try your tuna melt surprise this weekend. Thanks for the idea. Have a nice weekend.