Tuesday, September 11, 2012


this morning is a little cloudy but I love to watch the sun rise on this cornfield from my livingroom window

this is what I see from the windows on the otherside of the livingroom(or if I step out my front door)

I am decorating for the Fall but not sure if you can see it here. The 3 barrels are newly planted with mums.
I have been watching the sunrise on this cornfield all summer and was wanting to capture a picture of it. Today I went out but the weather is a little cloudy this morning  so the effect is not quite the same. I am hoping to get a really nice camera soon but it is been placed lower on the list. We live on a budget here at Prairie Point and when needs come up wants get pushed down on the list. You may have noticed I live in a housing developement but what you can't see is it is truley on a prairie between several farms. I am hoping to get more information about this plot of land but this is what I know so far, it used to be a farm and I believe the owners still have the original house nearby that is what I am still trying to find out. It seems that the more big corporations take over and expand the little guy has to sell out just to survive.

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Sarajan said...

So glad I found your blog. I just spent 3 weeks visiting family outside Minneapolis! Such beautiful country up there. I miss it already. -- Jan

Anonymous said...

You have a spectacular view! Very nice photos. So very nice of you to join my blog. I look forward to following you. Leave me a comment whenever you have the time. I live in GA.