Friday, September 28, 2012


  • We had a fun week planned to go up North and see some of the Fall colors. We have been wanting to do this for sometime but never had the time before. Sorry to say we didn't get our chance. We went to pick up our grandson Sunday night so he could come with us. After dinner he took his bath , had his stories and tucked into bed with a Peter Rabbit Movie. He loves how Peter is a naught bunny and Mr. McGregor chases him around the garden. Somewhere around 1:00 AM he was crying for gramma and then it started...The Flu Bug....his mom was able to pick him up around noon, after finding a work replacement ,but it was to late for us.We had been exposed to the germs. Good thing we decided to take a day before heading back to the plan. I got sick..ugg..Hubby not so bad but he developed a toothache so we spent our week recovery and next week a trip to the dentist will be in order, I did get a picture of the tree in our yard. That is all the Fall color I will see this week.
  • Thanks for stopping by Hope to be well soon!!

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