Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well I had to bite the bullet so to speak and buy a new computer. I chose a laptop. I am not liking change like when I was young. It is more difficult to learn new things and takes much longer. I procrastinated as long as I could and today I sat down to learn how to use this thing. I have been off of babysitting the grandkids so I have some time to try and see if I can blog again. I was using my phone but the pictures come out so small and learning more is challenging . Our home no longer has a landline or hardwire computer, cell phones and wireless laptops have replaced those items. only if I could do the same for my old I hope to figure out how to post pictures and such real soon. .Lets see what I have in storage.

We went up North to the Canadian boarder but didn't have passports so we couldn't cross over. I will try and upload my pictures and post later. Lots of great waterfalls and scenery. This is Goose Berry Falls. We went to Grande Portage, Grand Marais, Split Rock, Two Harbors and Duluth. I start back to Grammycare on Thursday. They went to Washington to visit my other daughter. The kids have never been and really loved it. Their mom enjoyed a good visit with her sister. It isn't the same now that my parents are gone. Maybe I will make a visit next year.
                                                    SEE YOU SOON !!!!! 

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KathyB. said...

It really is different without your Mom & Dad as the cornerstone of visits and family get-togethers. It was nice to see Mary , Nate, and your grandkids Alice. I hope we are all able to get together over the years as our families grow and change, until then I am glad you are blogging !

You are so right about learning how to navigate new technology, especially when I finally get the hang of the technology I do have...I DON'T WANT TO CHANGE !