Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We were goint to walk down by the riverfront but it was too cold
we went throught downtown instead so we could go in and out of shops to keep warm
This was Harmony MN they had some Amish Gifts here
Dinner in Hudson WI
on our way home we stopped here for lunch
Can you feel the love?  hehe
Cabela's is a interesting store to visit I reccomend a visit
The Moose was a hit for pictures
Are you sure I can't have one of these Honey?
This is near the Fudge shop and yes we got a sample
Time to go home but it was fun.
We are not sure where we will explore next. I have my daughter coming in a couple of months with her family so it will probably be sometime after July. Our traveling companions will be headed to Wyoming and California to visit family and friends for a few months. I have lots to do on the new house but am still in the planning stages of most of it. I do have a few updates and hope to get some pictures soon.
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