Saturday, January 14, 2012


We went to my little sisters for Thanksgiving and she had lots of the family there. We love to see family and just wished we could see them more. We all have grandkids now and it was like old times when we were young parents visiting at my parents home. This is Lacey Washington

Joanne and Thom carving the Turkey

Eldest sister Jean helping with clean up

Table is ready and great-grandma (mom) is waiting for the food

what a beauriful table

I like the place card leafs wtih our name
This is the young adult table and married couples

so many people but we all were able to sit Isn't it  beautiful ?

table setting is like the other

The young children were not forgotten a special table for them

after dinner play..hiding from the boys
football fans in the family room

even a couple of grandpas

some of us visited in the living (sitting) room

great-grandma with maddie and carter

we love our Jenny she is all grown up
coffee and beverages were in the butlers pantry

great grandma waiting for desssert
We really had a good time visiting and watching all the kids play, just like old times. I wish we could do this more often...maybe next year?

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Debbie said...

And it looks like a good time was had by all! I'm so happy for you getting to visit and spend time with your far-away family. I've come to know how precious that time is! Love your new home and blog look! Have a wonderful time!