Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My mom and dad still live here
I went for walks with my mom

Our rental car and the back door entrance

It is on a corner this is the backyard

a small garden that is asleep for the winter

I love to sit here in the nicer months but I don't get out here that often

The Cherry tree has to be cut down and all the grandchildren are sad. Many memories were made here

The front door entrance

The garage and neighbors pitbull dogs
We went to Washington State for the month of November to visit family. While we were their My dad had cancer surgery for a rare cancer and there is no cure. I will miss this place even though I don't get back home that often it will always be home to me. My children have many fond memories here. If and when God decides he needs my dad more than we do my mom will have to move and we will no longer be able to visit here. I have these last pictures for my memory book and I am sure I will look at them often and think of my parents. I was lucky to be born into a family who love God and raised me to love God also. 
I will be making new memories in our new home in Minnesota with our grandchildren. I hope I can do as good a job as my mom did with my children. 

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A. Joy said...

I really love this post and love the photos you got of their house. So neat that 4 generations of our family have been able to enjoy visiting, living in and playing in this house! Maybe someone in the family can move in when Grandma and Gramps have to leave. p.s. to answer you question about the soup - we find lemongrass at the asian stores. =)