Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We have just put an offer on this home at West Prairie Point. It is 3 long blocks from where my son and his family live. This has happened so fast I am still a little shocked. We really feel the Lord must want us to stay here in Minnesota. We have been trying to decide as we get closer to retirement whether to go back to Washington (my home) or stay here. With this opportunity we have decided to stay. It is the perfect home for us as we enter the last stages of our lives, The Golden Oldies one might say. Two of my children have settled out here with their families and one of my daughters lives in Washington all have children so it was a hard choice. My parents and most of my siblings live there also. There are 4 months of the year where I am uncofortable living in this state...January and February you almost freeze to death. Then there is July and August where if the mosquitoes don't eat you alive the humidity will take your breath away. So there is a lot of time spent indoors. This house provides just enough space for the two of us to live comfortable. As we age we can have our groceries delivered, our sidewalks and driveways plowed and even get someone to keep the yard up. This will be the last home we purchase and I won't be moving anymore unless it is to the nursing home. I am ready to sit back and watch the grandkids grow....this next journey is going to be exciting!
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Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW is right, Alice; y'all are moving at the speed of light! Enjoy your new home and buy woolens, lots and lots of woolens -smile-.